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CROATIA-IMPEX company was founded in 1991 in Viškovo with Mr Knezevic as Managing Director, owner and only founder as well as a member of the board. Representing foreign and Croatian manufacturers is the main aspect of the company together with plumbing and drainage supplies sales on the home market.  There is a long term collaboration with large Croatian utility service companies (Vodovod i kanalizacija Rijeka, Split i Karlovac, Istarski vodovod Buzet, Komunalac Opatija, Vodovod i čistoća Cres Mali Lošinj, Vodovod Ponikve Krk…), as you can see in our reference list.

In the very beggining the company operated in a hired office and warehouse in the very centre of Rijeka, until the company outgrew that space. And so, for the last 5 years the company is located on its own modernly equipped space; with about 300m2 of indoor and 300m2 of outdoor space. There are three big offices with a completely computerised business system. A warehouse and offices are located in the suburbs of Rijeka  -Marinići, Viškovo. The process of  pallet loading and unloading is performed by a forklift truck and manually by two specialized workers. The company owns its own driving space, a 10 tone load bearing capacity truck, a 5 tone load bearing capacity van and a car. There are seven permanent employees; four of them are in the commercial department with one driver and two employees in charge of the finances.

Committed work and firm business vision is the cornerstone of our business success. We take a great care of environment by proper and responsible waste disposal, and we wish to protect natural heritage by using natural resources such as water, electricity and gas.

Our ISO 9001:2008 you can view here.

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